Producer / Engineer / Composer



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I am passionate about the process of music and sound creation, be it composing, recording, producing or mixing. I love to work on diverse projects with different artists, different medium, different genres. 


This is my hallowed ground, it never feels like work and I am always pushing myself, learning, experimenting and exchanging with other artists. 


When I choose to work on a project, it’s something that got me excited when I first heard it. Then once I begin working on the project,  it becomes something that I feel as invested in as the artist who brought it to me.  I take on projects where I can see how my personality, my approach and my ideas can uplift the potential in the music already. I seek to amplify what is there and draw out the ideas.


I have abundant, refined and continually expanding knowledge of the sound and music process and acute ears both theoretical and experiential. I offer myself-  my experience, my knowledge, an open mind, a strong work ethic and unrelenting passion.


The range of ways that I am involved with music productions varies - from producing a full album or EP, engineering a recording session, support with arrangements and scoring for classical instruments, mixing one track to a full album, or being brought in as a mentor & production consultant.

Great productions are truly collaborative. I love collaborating and making magic together!